Football Magazines: A Collaborative Project

August 31, 2019 2 By Paul W

Introducing a collaborative series between the 1888 Letter and Soccer Nostalgia, exploring the experiences of football magazine readers. We will be posting contributions from fans worldwide on both blogs, over the coming months.

Soccer Nostalgia (@sp1873): When one becomes a serious Soccer (Football) fan, the next step in the evolution is to read about it in print in sports or exclusively soccer magazines. Many of us have memories of reading these magazines to not only keep up with the scores and league tables but eventually to learn about the game and the personalities beyond just the scores and learn of tactics, history, culture, etc. For many of us reading these magazines opened up a new world as we learned of new nations, cities, styles and everything in between.

In collaboration with @1888Letter we aim to bring some of these personal stories from people from different nations but common in their love of the game and their experience via the medium of the game in print. This project will give us an insight, as we will see similarities and differences in Football readership and the history of it in different nations.

Football Magazines circa 1980
Football Magazines circa 1980

The 1888 Letter (@1888Letter) : In the decades before the Internet and global TV coverage, football magazines were a lifeline for the young fan, providing a regular source of information about the game not only nationally, but worldwide. Everywhere football was played, magazines brought an insight into games, players, competitions and teams, with facts, photographs and analysis. Several of these sports titles – from El Gráfico, France Football, La Gazzetta dello Sport, and Kicker, to the UK’s own weeklies, Match and Shoot! – became known beyond their own country. Many more magazines existed, for shorter or longer periods of time, in every nation. Whether famous or obscure, we wanted to bring their history to life with this project of personal memories, thoughts and stories. Through the experiences of collectors, fans and readers, we hope to celebrate these magazines, and explore the legacy of football in print for fans around the world.

Please contact us via twitter or the blog if you would like to be involved in this project.